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The Body Revolution challenge is a 12-week challenge aimed at helping you learn healthier habits by including workouts into your daily regimen. We are here to motivate and inspire by providing you with a customised structure to bring you a step closer to your fitness goals while achieving the best results yet!


  • It starts with YOU
  • Nutritious and customised meal plans (Vegan meal plan now available) 
  • Workouts and fitness tips
  • Supplement recommendations, motivational content, and weekly check-in emails to help you stay on track

Register and enter the challenges before the 30th of January 2022. 

Choose your starting date – 17th Jan, 24th Jan or the 31st Jan



    Testimonials of previous winners


    “I love fitness and have always put a large focus on my health. NPL helped to take that one step further and I couldn’t be happier!”

    Samantha Merve

    “NPL helped me to not only reach my goals but surpass them! My results would have never been the same without NPL’s premium quality supplements.”


    “Working full-time and balancing health and fitness can be tough, it is so important to have a plan that is easy to follow and fits seamlessly into everyday life.”


    “NPL made the process of transforming my body that much easier, with a fantastic range of supplements and all the guidance and support.”


    Customized eating plan that will ensure results
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    Purchase your Body Revolution Stack



    How To Ensure My Entry Is Valid?

    Step 1: Purchase your NPL stack from Dis-Chem, Takealot, or online and send your receipt to 

    Step 2: Take a clear, high resolution, full-length photo of yourself as your ‘Before’ picture and send it to at the beginning of week 1, 4, 8, and 12. (Please see tips below on how to take a valid picture)  

    Step 3: Download your workout guide and meal plan.  

    Step 4: Now you’re ready to potentially WIN R122,000 worth of prizes!  

    You need to purchase at least two NPL stacks during the challenge to be successfully entered into the competition. The amount of product you use depends on the meals you choose and how frequently you work out.  

    When do the entries open?

    The pre-registration opens on the 6th of January 2022. The final starting date is the 31st of January 2022 but you can choose your starting date between the 17th, 24th and 31st of January.

    How to take before and after pictures properly?

    Stand up straight. Ensure that your face and body is well-lit. Hold a dated newspaper in front of you. Then turn to the side and take a picture of the side of your body.  

    Remember to take frequent pictures to see your own progress, and don’t forget to send it to us on our Body Revolution Platform. 

    Please don’t take selfies
    Stand in front of a plain background/wall 

    How often do I need to purchase my stack?

    You need to purchase at least two NPL stacks during the challenge to be successfully entered into the competition. The amount of product you use depends on the meals you choose and how frequently you work out.  

    I am vegan. Can I participate?

    Yes, we have a full vegan range of supplements as well as a vegan option with every meal plan.  

    What if I have allergies?

    Feel free to send us a direct message (DM) on Instagram and our in-house dietician will assist.

    Winning Criteria
    The winner is assessed on the overall best transformation
    We will take into account the following
    • Overall Scale Weight Loss
    • Overall Muscle Weight Gain (As shown in images)
    • Biggest change in overall lifestyle (Has the contestant overcome any obstacles throughout the challenge and changed their life and health for the better)
    • Has the contestant submitted ALL progress photos for week 1, 4, 8 and 12 (date stamped)  and sent to
    • Has the contestant bought two supplement stacks and sent receipts to

    R50 000 in cash

    R24 000 Supplement Voucher for a year.

    Hyper Volt 2.0 Percussion Gun

    Hyper Ice Vyper 3 Roller

    Caribbeantan R1000 Voucher, spray tan and bag

    Fitbit Charge 5 and Hamper

    MiFitness 6 month gym membership and treadmill

    A Years worth of Hustle Energy Drinks

    2 Night stay at Hermanus guest house (Does not including flights)

    What do I receive when I enter?
    • A FREE meal plan  
    • A FREE workout guide  
    • Motivational emails throughout the challenge  
    • Tips on how to implement a healthier lifestyle and maintain the lifestyle  
    • A chance to WIN R122K in prizes for the chosen winner 
    How often do I need to take progress pictures?

    We recommend you take progress pictures weekly, so you can consistently see and feel the progress you had made. To successfully enter in the competition, we need pictures at the beginning of Week 1, 4, 8 and 12 

    Send all images clearly marked throughout the challenge by dates to

    How many winners get chosen?

    There will be only one winner.  

    What if my goal is not to lose weight?

    The calorie contents of the meal plans are calculated at a slight calorie deficit for each weight and activity level category to support fat loss. If your goal is to gain lean muscle, we recommend regular weight bearing exercise with progressive overload as well as an additional protein serving per day. An additional protein serving could be an extra NPL Diet Pro or Platinum Whey serving after training. We recommend monitoring your progress as you go – if you are losing weight, you can switch to the meal plan for the weight category above your current one. 

    Terms and conditions
    • By entering this competition, you give permission to NPL to make use of your progress pictures.  
    • You need to purchase at least TWO stacks during the challenge.  
    • This competition is limited to all residents of South Africa (RSA). This competition excludes all employees of NPL, the applicable advertising company for the promotion and/or competition, any holding companies and subsidiaries, their advertising and promotions agencies and their immediate families. 
    • NPL reserves the right to disqualify a winner if he/she does not respond to the telephone call and/or e-mail within 2 working days of being contacted or the notification being dispatched, indicating that he/she accepts the prize. In such event, NPL will be entitled to select another winner immediately thereafter. 
    • If a winner cannot accept a prize for any reason, that winner will forfeit his/her prize and another winner will be selected. In order to claim his/her prize, a winner may contact the NPL Care Line on 011 043 25253. 
    • The judges’ decision is final. 
    • NPL shall not be responsible for any lost, illegible, delayed or electronically corrupt entries for any reason whatsoever. 
    • NPL reserves the right to disqualify any claim on the grounds of suspected fraud or cheating. 
    • NPL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 
    • NPL is allowed to use the personal information provided to keep you updated on product offerings, and competition guidelines and news. No information will deliberately be shared with any 3rd party outside of our company. We take great pride in prioritizing our customers’ safety.  
    What are the stacks needed for the competition?

    Male Stack:

    • Pro Test Ultramax
    • Thermo Cuts Black

    Femals Stack:

    • Diet Pro
    • Night Time Burn
    • Thermo 1

    Vegan Stack:

    • Vegan Protein
    • Cream Of Rice
    • Amino Burn